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​査読付き論文 2022年

  1. Syutsubo, K., Miyaoka, M., Danshita, T., Takemura, Y, Aoki, M., Tomoioka, N., Sumino, H., Watari, T., Yamaguchi, T., (2022) Effect of formic acid inflow on microbial properties of the anaerobic granular sludge in a UASB reactor, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 1-17. 

  2. Watari, T., Kirishima, Y., Choeisai, P., Harada, H., Kotcaron, W., Matsueda, T., Tanaka, N., Kawakami, S., Hatamoto, M., & Yamaguchi, T., (2022) Performance evaluation of quick and compact package-type down-flow hanging sponge system for domestic sewage treatment, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 47, 102798. 

  3. Maheepala, S.S., Fuchigami, S., Hatamoto, M., Akashi, T., Watari, T., & Yamaguchi, T., (2022) Stable denitrification performance of a mesh rotating biological reactor treating municipal wastewater, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 102543.

  4. Tran, P.T., Hatamoto, M., Aoki, M., Watari, T., Syutsubo, K., Yamaguchi, T., (2022) Effect of inoculum sources on autotrophic nitrogen removal in anaerobic hollow fiber membrane reactors, Environmental Technology & Innovation, 102375.

  5. Nomoto, N., Nakamura, Y., Danshita, T., Hirakata, Y., Watari, T., Hatamoto, M., Nakamura, M., & Yamaguchi, T. (2022). Characteristics of organic removal for supermarket wastewater treatment with an anaerobic baffled reactor and efficacy evaluation of changing HRT. Environmental Technology, (just-accepted), 1-28.

  6. Sitthi, S., Hatamoto, M., Watari, T., & Yamaguchi, T. (2022). Accelerating anaerobic propionate degradation and studying microbial community using modified polyvinyl alcohol beads during anaerobic digestion. Bioresource Technology Reports, 17, 100907.

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